Who taught you how to drive?

@L11 Yes it was hard but oh so much fun! I wouldn't change a bit of those days!
@Jones68 my dad grew corn too.. 🌽
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When I was a kid my dad would set me on his lap and let me steer. Around 13yr old I was able to reach the paddles my self so my dad Taught me how to drive our Pinto which had a stick shift and we would find empty lots or less traveled roads, even the interstates away from everything. This was back in the early 80's. Can't do that Anymore. Then it was great cause when I Got my driver permit my Dad work as a car salesman. He would bring home Different vehicle every few days and let me drive them . From regular ces to fast cars. So when I got my license My dad used his car discount And my $700 bought my very 1st car which was a Chevy Chevette. Through high school got plenty of tickets to suspensions. But I Always have love driving and have been doing so for a job most of my adult life. So thank you Dad for teaching me how to drive.
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Pinto... haven't heard that vehicle name SINCE the 80's!
Nice Recall...
Weren't they prone to catching 🔥if rear-ended? 😬

@Evil-Kevman. My First car was an inbread cousin of the Pinto and the Chevette... It was a Citation. Horrible name for a car! It spilled gasoline into the engine compartment.. A coupe with two doors that were as big and as have as driveway gates. Oh how I Don't miss that explosin-ready-to-happen car!
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Totally agree...
Citation... not a good vehicle name! 😆
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89 Camaro red 5 speed do you know how to drive 5 speed but I learn real fast my sister was in the passenger seat I was in the driver seat learned in Elverta City on a one-lane road what the sheriff on the other side of me passing by me when I don't have a license that was scary I said no more and all there is on both sides of the road are deep dish that 4 feet deep
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@Unity-is-Power Hope it wasn’t your dads corn field I rammed into. It was good corn too!

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@REMEMBRANCE @Unity-is-Power That was the car that would catch fire right? One more question. What was the car that looked like a fish bowl! It was all glass.

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@Evil-Kevman I can remember driving down the highway at a young age. Yes I was scared too! Don’t want to get caught doing something like that anymore. LOL! But I did take my daughter to empty parking lots. Was a great place to learn. It was safe for her and no tickets for me. LOL!