Who taught you how to drive?

@Jones68.. hahahaa.re cornfield too funny! finally those crop circles are explained!!! it was you doing donuts!
@Jones68. The suicide by fire car was the Pinto... I had a citation , cross breed between the Pinto and theChevette!
Hmm a car made of glass... Not very practical... Unless it was one of those vehicles in The Jestsons! ✈
@Jones68... I'm gonna accepted your wonderful compliment! Thank you! My son appreciates the vote in confidence. I'm a very defensive driver, not road-rager,. No but I'm always aware of my surroundings . Ive saved a few people from rear-ending me just by moving out of their way... If he learns that much I'll be a happy mama camper!
@Jones68, I was lucky the the steering column broke on that Citation... I was making a u-turn and the.car wasn't! I was able to perfectly park at a no stopping zone... Not only did the Citation get a citation while went to use a payphone (dating myself) but it was also towed by the time I got back! lucky me!
@Rememberance ! You know your cars!
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@Unity-is-Power Your right. If he pays attention to what’s going on around him, he’ll be a good driver. Sounds like mom has everything under control. Phone off while in car. Nothing is more important than your life or perhaps someone else life. Get that phone after you get out of car. I turn mine off when I drive. I have no doubt you will teach him well. Now! As for the corn field. I was a noob! And I was very hungry. The corn was very good! We had corn for a week. Took a few weeks to fix the car. My dad didn’t give up. I’m 59 now. One ticket, and one accident in all the time I’ve been driving. Yes I was going over 10 miles a hour the posted speed. The accident was me driving to fast. Yes, a young buck. Off a bridge into water. Lucky for me I didn’t get hurt and had my car taken away before the police got there. 

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@REMEMBRANCE I love the sounds of Southern women. Must be a guy thing! LOL!

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My mom a lil bit but she was a single mom of 3 an didnt have alot of time on her hands so i just started hoping in and just taught my self how to drive for the most part
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Looks like the Citation lived up to its name. 😄
The steering column went!
You actually ARE lucky there was a place to safely pull over gir! 😉