Who taught you how to drive?

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Fun... what car did you teach yourself to drive?
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3 and single!!
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@REMEMBRANCE, @Jones68, @ Unity-is-Power
Correction from a real OG...¿
The original death by fire car was THE GREMLIN! Pinto was next... Dad teaching me to drive was a trying experience. But I was taught lots about cars since we were an all girl fam. Checking the oil, and of course many other basics was emphasized by my teacher! L11
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@L11 What your saying is, Gremlins died out because of fire not because of lack of food? I know if you feed them they bread. In the movie anyway. Yes I taught my baby how to change her own oil, do her own brakes, and change a flat tires. She can pull a motor and put another motor back in. Our young people need to know how to fix things. Don’t want her depending on anyone. She is good at plumbing and electrical. We did a lot together and had fun doing it. 

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@Unity-is-Power Don’t tell anyone about my crop circles! Ssssh, No one knows! LOL!

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@Jam1schr1st Do you remember a car that had mostly glass. What I mean by that is , it had big! Windows all the way around the car. It was a small car. We called it a fish bowl. Was it the AMC Pacer? I’m going to look it up later.

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@Unity-is-Power @REMEMBRANCE The car was a AMC Pacer, 1974  We called it a fish bowl. 

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Stand corrected... the gremlin was more of a squared off design. 🚗
Correct... @Jones68? 😉
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Yiikkeesss! @L11
The GREMLIN 🔥 too...??
You sure do know your vehicles gir!¿😉
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I lerned from car to car what ever i got the chance to drive but the first one. I was mad at my mother for not taking out and letting me get a lil experiance so i at one point took the keys at some point when she was wasnt looking and took off in my grand mothers car she had barrowed wail hers was getting repaired and that was an 88 labaron with dingitle gadges and turbo boost but needed a tune up but at that time .i was driving by myself for the first time and. I was flooring it down a high waydaring the pigs to try an **bleep**en catch me topping out at an amazing speed of 87 but i woulda told u i was just mobin down winlock vader doin about 95 /100 mph lol haha