Why charge me 5$ to post a vehicle!!!

Absolutely ridiculous how I get “3 free car post” a month. Not my fault the app creators weren’t smart enough to figure ways to make money without screwing the people selling the items. Thanks Offer Up,nice way to drop the ball..again lol!


In many states, selling more than 3 vehicles/month is technically called a dealer (curbstoner/pro flipper).


Many of the classified ad apps eventually start charging for auto sales, since most dealers attempt to circumvent the rules by posting as an owner (name on the title NEEDS to match the legal name of the seller).

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I just signed up for this blog.  I wanted to post an ad for a vehicle but they want me to jump through some hoops.  Now it looks like the charge?  WTF is going on? Seriously WTF is going on? I can't even figure out how to post my ad and there is no way on God's green earth I'm going to pay one red cent.  It's hard enough to sell anything at all and not get beat up over it.