Why is SET alert not showing up?




I did find in google serach that Home==> Buying and make filters should lead to set alert.


After setting all filters, I did not find a way to save my search or set alert.


How do I do that? I did try in chrome/Firefox browsers.


Thanks for sharing.

Level 9
No idea if it's possible to do in browser, though I assume it would be similar.

For mobile, make sure your app is updated to the latest release.

Search for something, there should be an option to set an alert for said item under the search box.

It will tell you how many filters will be set.

Another more tedious way to set an alert is to scroll down until a specific search no longer has items to show.

The option to set an alert will be at the bottom.

Still not showing up after the update?

It's possible there's a bug on your particular phone model.

A dev may be able to look into it if you provide it