no response from sellers

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whats wrong with the sellars not responding to my interest to buy thier car, isnt this the reason to offer um up, i must of messaged 10 sellars ,twice on over and no response, what is up with that

When I was shopping for my truck I had a similar experience... If you offered what they asked for they may be waiting for a possible higher offer.
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Me either. Offerup needs to do something about this. I've been trying to buy a ladder from SOMEBODY, ANYBODY for over a week and nobody answers. I've even tried to pay for two different ones over 6 times and no answer. No answer by any of them, and that's like 6 plus different people.
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@marpcnm you can report these sellers! I have an 85% response rate as a seller. This number is very important to me. If you report these non responders their rating will go down and then their stars will follow. That five star rating is one of the most coveted things we have. I guarantee you report them and their numbers go down they will pay attention!

same here, its ridiculous. 90% of inquiries I made had no response. One got offended and sent a rude response when I asked about the condition of the car. If they do get back to you, you drive 2 hours because the seller clams it is in perfect condition, and it is a wreck. One person showed 3 sides of the car, said it was perfect, the side not shown was recked. One I drove an hour to see was completely rusted. One said it had 75k mile, but it had over 200K. My experience on offerup has been nothing but frustrating. I'm just curious to see if other people have had bad experiences.