1230 item page..

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I had over 1230 item page over 1000 sales since last year a 1 year badge I had all my stars all my stats reply ratings where good have a small store and ppl come back to me cuz I'm good to ppl hook them up my prices are so good all of a sudden this true you thing basicly banned me. For what where was my warning where was anything and no explanationb I'm so disappointed in you guys and offer up that's crazy I was all for you how so putting all the other websites down there's people like me that I just like to do is for fun to help people out I get your things and I sell them cheap me and many others are the ones who get banned for doing good set the ones that do bad kids to stay on makes no sense
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So people can go behind our back say that they don't like something or something like that and without warning we get banned from this thing because we won't give our serious personal information out of control set up for failure I don't have to say anything my stats proved it and everything did OfferUp has no excuse for what they did that's not right me and many others are like the poster child of what this website is really for but just like every other thing in this world **bleep** the good people
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Okay... @Savage771
Your frustration has been heard. No reason to continue spamming the forum with the same issue my friend.
Maybe you can fill us in on the pertinent information, so that someone may be able to better assist you.
Help us to help you...
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Spamming....what ok any way I want an answer as to why I've been practically band I can't message and I can't do anything my license is coming in mail because I'm new to California and all I had was a copy of my ID the true you is probably not taking that I tried three times to make a new account it's still not accepting it and when I get to new account even a new email it's asking for true you still no one can give me a reason who really wants to scan some ID who really wants to scan their license information it's just too much this is crazy my frustration I could care less that I'm being kicked off of here I want to know why though give me that reason somebody please I've been nothing but honest on this website the whole time all my stuff is fine it is what I say it is completely no excuse
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Wish could view your account, however, we are not Customer Care.
We can only offer so much assistance via the Community forum.
GLTU and Ciao´ for now.