4th of July

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Happy 4th of July and welcome!
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@CMendez929 @Megangarza21 @MeNoMoney @cash18 How was everyone's 4th?!? 

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I've seen you on Facebook I just thought you were related to Tanya n Alex Garza
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Very safe and good!
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To be honest have lots of family members I barely know all of them lol. Where are Tanya and Alex from? I havent been on facebook for years.
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I know I’m like 2 weeks past when this post was made. But when did offer up start making forums? I always thought it was just a buy and sell app lol. And is it open to all 50 states?
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-Ciao' @Cgriff34-
---Welcome to the OfferUp Nationwide Community Forum---

Glad you discovered the forums!
Believe OfferUp accommodates 48 of the 50 States (Hawaii & Alaska - no Shipping)
Join in any time with tips, info, experiences and share with other users 👍😊 Much Success!
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Hey there! Yup! OfferUp is avail in all 50 states! Shipping currently isn't avail in Hawaii or Alaska as @KSARASARA said Smiley Happy

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Right... @Mj_206 😁
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HI @Cgriff34 welcome to the forum