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Why is my profile not highlighting that I've added accepted payments? Also how do i get badge on profile indicating I can ship items or am a nationwide seller.

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Thank you so much for clear instructions. Going to check it out hope it works.
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Hi @Retailslutla

How OfferUp Payments work.
OfferUp Payments let buyers pay for items through the OfferUp app without carrying cash, and give sellers peace of mind that the money goes safely to their bank accounts. Buyers and sellers never have to give out their email addresses or phone numbers, nor reveal their 3rd-party payment system info or their credit card, so the transaction stays private.

While OfferUp Payments is in a trial period, only selected sellers can receive payments through the app. Any buyer with the latest version of the app can pay for OfferUp Payments-enabled items in the app.

To get the OfferUp Payments badge on your profile, add a payment method to your account.

Log in to the OfferUp app

Tap Account

Tap Payments or Set up payments and deposits

Tap Add Credit/Debit Card and follow the instructions

Buyers: How to pay

To buy using OfferUp Payments, first (always!) inspect the item in person. When you and the seller have agreed on a price, go to your messages with the seller, tap Pay Now, and then follow the instructions.

The first time you use Payments as a buyer, you'll need to add a credit card to pay with. Follow the instructions to add the info, and you'll be all set to pay in moments.

Sellers: How to get your money

After a buyer has paid through OfferUp Payments, tap Account , then tap Payments.

The first time you use Payments, you'll need to set up how you'll get your money. To set it up in advance,

Log in to the OfferUp app

Tap Account , then tap Payments

Tap Add deposit account or Cash Out. Deposits can be sent to your debit card or directly to your bank account. Choose the one you want, and follow the instructions.

Currently, it takes 5 business days from the time a transaction is complete to the time a seller is paid. Payments can be delayed if there is a bank-recognized holiday.

I’m also tagging @Elin Community manager on your thread, So she can give any other information you may need.
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Thank you so much for clear instructions. Going to check it out hope it works.
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I’m trying to buy an item here but can’t find where to link my account..I’ve followed the instructions posted above and I still can’t find the way to link a payment account to the offer up account
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I added my payments account to ptofile and is more than one month until today haven't received my payment
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Hi All...
I am trying to add my credit card to my account and it doesnt show the tab to add credit/debit card. Any helpful thoughts? Thanks
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I cant find the tab either to add my credit card info....any suggestions? Thanks
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After choosing account it doesnt show me option to add credit card info...any thoughts? Thanks
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I tried doing this myself but I'm running into the same problem.
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A potential buyer is trying to add payment info, but can not find the option. He is on a computer and is local, but wants shipping. Can it be done from a PC?