Agreeing for meet up and no “show”

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I'd say 50% or more of the people who agree to meet are never heard from again once it's time for me to leave. Especially if they set up a time the night or day before. As others have stated you never agree to travel far. I had a similar experience a while back when I first started selling. I had agreed to meet someone halfway. Before I left I texted to ask if she was still interested, if so I was on my way. She said yes, she was heading out. Never showed. I messaged her to relay when I was there but she never responded, though she did read the message. I was shocked people actually did that. And it was on FB so I knew her name and everything. Her profile was filled with posts about God and being a good person and all that "uplifting" nonsense yet she showed zero courtesy towards me. Trash people.
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First of all thru these ads neither party has ANY obligation! Tell me, could you go on any site and ask for a COD delivery? I didn't think so. Second when you sign up for any classified site you must set a radius of distance that you would like to shop or sell in. This isn't Walmart where they offer in store pick ups to the store in your neighborhood. Every item in OU is unique and also the seller. People are going to get whatever they want from you if you are dumb enough to give it! The meeting place is only as far as you let it be! And you must tell them to inform you when they arrive! I never leave my house until they arrive because my friend promises are promises, anyone can make them and they are free. They no the rules too, I don't have any of those problem because i make my own rules. They contacted you, remember?
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@Alright--I'm just coming across this post. You had your first no show; I'm with @RevivalGypsy, consider yourself lucky. For a while, once a week I was getting no shows on a regular basis unfortunately. Where they communicate with you all day, agree on a price, set a date & know the drill, & nothing. One lady went as far as telling me she was on her way. I asked her to send me a message when she was at the location. She sends me a message "I'm here" & I was there in 2 minutes. I replied "I'm right here in front of the store. Where are you?" Turned out she was never at the location & never planned on showing up obviously. As stated, even though no shows are frustrating, consider yourself lucky. Some of us can't begin to count how many no shows we get, but there some amazing people out there too. Thank you for sharing!!
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I agree . Much success thus far but Many no shows - first couple it's tough not to take personal having the adrenaline rush from inching away from a sale. Couple times it almost made me turn to only a shipper (if the money didn't take a week to fall into my account) - I think I'm too communicative thoigh and it's not that im trying to push my product but trying to find out if the buyer is interested or am I responding to one question answers for 3 days until no responses.

Ok I got carries away lol.. but it's really all about getting a read.. trust reviews and consistency - I wish there was a way we could just target ACTIVE users from wherever!!!!!
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When dealing with no show people I usually end up blocking them. But there are people that I end up giving second chances for many reasons such as 1) decent ratings 2) they sound genuine about missing the meetup 3) Just gut feeling that maybe it really was something unpredictable. So far I only had 2 dealings with "no shows" or those that are trying to pull your leg but eventually meet. However, I did not give them the benefit of a doubt of a rating because they were either very rude or led me on too much to warrant a chance of giving me a bad rating for something that I as a seller should never even put up with. There are really just two things to watch out for. If they message you and never get back to continuing the conversation for about a week, or situations where they sound too uninterested and half-heartedly commit to it with one or two words answers. But in the end no shows 90% of the time reported and blocked.

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This comment really strikes home. Just posted on anothers thread here about posting a real picture of yourself and how shady sales and rating disparity with cutesy profile pictures should ring a red flag and proceed with caution. But called out that you dont have to post a "real" picture. But heck, if you post real pic about yourself people are most inclined to trust you. Now it's a different story if you post a picture that looks nothing like you when you meet up with a person that will probably not be the smartest idea.


Now as with community sites like these, harrassment actions are considered when posting clear usernames of other users that may incite harrassment. However, you can blur the username but keep the profile pic of what they have up and post the whole conversation on another site. Users that could put 2 and 2 together without your explicit post that identifying them is not considered to be harrassment more so if it is for the sole purpose of warning other users.

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Hi, I "Report" and "Block" all "NO SHOWS". All Sellers should be doing this! Hopefully Offer Up can do something about "No Shows" when they see this Trend with the Same Individual.

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After reading about all the no shows, this is what I will do. I was just thinking of the same idea. Thanks.
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I hope this reply goes to everyone. Eveyone as a seller this is super easy to fix. If they want your product they come to you. The only difference between you and everyone else is you arent selling out of a fix business location. Macys doesnt go to the seller. Pick a busy shopping center within a 1 minute drive from your house. Tell them to park infront of target and as soon as they get there **bleep** you a text. You are literally around the corner. So go about your life and when you get the text you can go there. You dont get it nothing in your life was missed. You wasted no time on a no show.
You know I usually confirm a meeting. As I get messages for items.they ask 50 as about .so tou qant 15 min explaining then qhen time to meet it's like ok and I've never been a flake I've had maybe 2 no shows or change of mind so tonight I got a message for an item that has been on here for like 5 months or more.i did it a little different texted them yes you want to meet here.usually no replies.....welll sure what happens my phone dies....crap put it to charge. One hour later theres like 4 messages they done gone and left already let me tell you I fell like a flake and a half I feel awful. I texted them back no replies what now. I'm prob going to have a bad review and it's like phone died but who's going to believe that well u know life happens ...but I still feel there could be something I can do or any suggestions on this let me the person if u read this I'm really sorry........