Agreeing for meet up and no “show”

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Is there any way to let this be known about people.
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Hmm... Ask a Admin.
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@Davelapinsky--Hello!! I know it's hard when people agree to buy/meet up and then they don't show up. Many of us have experienced the same/similar situations. There have been forums discussing this same topic. You can report the person to customer care:

OfferUp Customer care,

--& block the purson from further communication. I hope it works out for you!!
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If I have a large item for sale, I have to meet at my home. I can’t walk around with it. I always have the buyer meet me at the church next door, which I will give out the address to sooner, or my home, which I refuse to give till they tell me they’re on their way. After I give out my address, I expect them to show up. If they don’t, something came up, whatever, it makes me very nervous about what they wanted my address for.