Alternative payments?

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I'm starting to find a lot of people selling stuff here but trying to use payment options other than the Offer Up system. PayPal and Cash App seem to be the top choices. I spent a good amount of time trying to negotiate a sale with a buyer because they wanted to use Cash App for payment instead of Offer Up. They were adamant about this citing Offer Ups shipping/processing fees were to high, and that they would be losing money. I've been taken recently by a seller because I went along with a similar situation, so I really wasn't having it. The person seemed decent enough and to some extent I could see where they were coming from but I decided to end the discussion just the same.
Do these people have a legitimate point?
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They dont pay shipping if they use the offerup payment system. You would if you are buying. Also the fees get taken out automatically for sellers. If you want buyer protection, you have to use offerup payment system. If you dont, you have no claims for offerup to protect you.
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I'd love to see us offer more of these payment options someday, @Clutz157! For now, you're definitely best off trusting your gut and only using the OfferUp system. We definitely try to keep our payments fees and shipping fees as low as possible, and they are incredibly competitive within this market. So while they may have a point, it's not recommended to go outside our system for the reasons @aidenholley noted above - we can only offer the Buyer Protection for OfferUp transactions Smiley Happy