Any Video Game Enthusiasts Here?

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Yep. I don't play as much as I used to, but do happen to sell from time to time.

¹ If you're a seller, make sure model info is accurate.

If you're a buyer, make sure to do your research.

Some are digital media only, others are backwards compatible.

For example, there are 3 Wii models. 3 PS3 models. 5 PSP models and 6 different 3DS models.

Technically more 3DS's if you take screen types into account.

If an admin will review and allow another imgur link that shows this visually let me know.

² Test the product before buying no matter what. Seller doesn't let you? Really consider a worst case scenario.

Make sure it charges and reads games if it's a portable unit.

³ Just because your system is old doesn't make it vintage and worth a lot of money.

Some collectibles can be widely available at reasonable prices.

So browse around online shops and your local pawn for current rates.

Adding value to the system can boost it's price, usually in the form of bundles or additional entertainment.


Last game I played was RE7 on the PS4

The right amount of creepy and gore 😨😱

Captain Toad and Luigi's Mansion look really nice on the 3DS as well.

I would highly recommend these three.

If you want a free to play casual multiplayer FPS give UrbanTerror a chance.
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@goblin You never disappoint! Luigi’s Mansion!... I totally forgot about that game.
I played Galaga for 11 hours strait. Still had all my life's when I stepped away. Flipped it 10 times.
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@Yudamantwisted I like your screen name! Galaga... ugh, I love that game!💙
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Yeah I been into playing video games for.... 25 years now. And I used to sell games online a lot. Best advice I can possibly give are the following- 1: buy bulk. If you get an opportunity to buy, let’s say 200 n64 cartridges for 50- 100 bucks do it. I don’t give a crap what the titles are but get them you can always sell the crappier games at a few dollars and make back what you spent relatively easily. Don’t buy individual games until you know exactly what your return profits will be, it’s always tempting to buy “popular” games but you run the likelihood of it dropping in value. And sometimes non popular games end up getting a huge boost in value later on for no reason other than the rarity . 2: know what you have. Let’s say you bought a bulk sale, now sort them all out and separate them and see what you have. A game of let’s say clay fighters, while a garbage game, is worth far more even without the box than a complete mario64 because of how rare it is. So know exactly what you have. 3: sell individual games as much as possible, especially if you have them complete or are of higher value. Hell I even used to buy packages for n64 games that I had cartridges for just to double the value. On that not also be willing to do small bundles. When I was selling nes to sega Dreamcast games I would sell small bundles of let’s say up to 5 games, depending on system and how many copies of certain games I had. Yes there are games that for some reason are always just there, usually a sports game like mlb all stars. Those games usually have a far lower value and are far farrrrrr harder to sell individually, tho it does happen, therefore just easier to sell them in a bundle deal. Uhhh let’s see o yeah don’t rely on making a lot of money on selling games lol do it as an extra thing you can do but yeah it’s hard to make a reasonable profit based on just selling games. Hence why I don’t do it anymore. Good luck tho

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I’m a Nintendo geek/girl. There is an old school game boy that I’m interested in getting through offerup. I have the games but my son broke my original game boy. I fell to my knees and cried like a baby when he broke it... seriously.

@Alright I absolutely miss the Nintendo NES!

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@TeamHoneyBadger This is such a great post!! Exactly the kind of tips and tricks I was looking for when I posted this! 

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Um... All the guys and a bunch of girls
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Did you hear about what happens I Knott's berry farm during Halloween? They pay a bunch of actors (who become extremely well done no-run zombies) that have sensors for the "laser" 🔫 you carry.
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That sounds like SOOOO much fun, @Trenddesign!!