Any Video Game Enthusiasts Here?

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Did you hear about what happens I Knott's berry farm during Halloween? They pay a bunch of actors (who become extremely well done no-run zombies) that have sensors for the "laser" 🔫 you carry.

@Trenddesign LOL!

@TeamHoneyBadger And what would you offer for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Adventure Set (a quarter?)



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Hello all,

I am an avid gamer and worked with some really hardcore gamers in the past. As for selling games i' D say first things first price your games to sell because in 99% of cases your game your selling doesn't she like fine wine but rather a broke down used car so be aware of this when you price your items for sale.

Also disclose any issues with your gaming CD and or license key if it's been banned and so on don't be a douchebag and try to sell it.

Also be generous with your fellow gamers everything you do comes back to you...

Happy holidays
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Ooooh, what games do you play, @PuddyTat? Console or computer? Smiley Happy

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I had a Nintendo when I was growing up, and then i have also had a Sony PS2 and then a Sony PS3
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ME ME ME ME!!! *Waves hand raises, erratically*
Really, though, I love gaming (RPGs, please). I’ve owned or still own every console, except the Adam. That’s next! Zelda is my fav, But, Dark Cloud series is close. I have this thing for Minecraft, though...
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I have all the game boys that ever came out up until a few years ago 🤗🤗🤗
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It’s the sh*t! I have a PS4 and Xbox... I’m way better at Nintendo 😂 I’m 37yrs old... it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
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@Trenddesign 😂 that’s a little too liberal for me.... “laser”...ugh followed by a squirt gun! haha have you ever looked up knife on an iPhone? “ 🍴 “ it’s so dumb! You’re hilariousSmiley Happy
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