Any Video Game Enthusiasts Here?

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i am, but i haven't posted really much games, but i do have a few good ones for each system, and i think the only other games i have sold.I won from the radio stations, and they were brand new games before they were released to most stores
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an ex took my Nintendo Switch and smashed it to pieces, because I told her to kick so bad. I xan replace it, but it's hundreds of dollars...
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I had my fair share of reselling retro games. Mainly it's just a hobby than an offerup income. But I've met some people who are into retro games and found interesting ways to preserve their old precious childhood memories. One of these is to transfer old gba cartridge saves and ps2 memory game saves and transfer them to pc for preservation or pay them through an emulator. Or if they plan to resell their gba games at the very least they have their saves preserved forever for them to come back to. I can relate to them so I do it for them for free or for just a dollar all I ask is they bring a dvd-r for me to transfer it into. Sometimes making money isn't everything as much as reconnecting people from time long gone. Games nowadays are far too saturated and just find myself asking the question if its "just another one of those," situations.

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@Alright Galaga and serious Sam . I know. Serious Sam is for the computer but love it anyway.

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Ooh! Can’t forget about Halo. The games I played the most. 

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I love it!!!!!
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Remember Atari?!!! 😂
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I remember Galaga coming out in , was it 1981? I think it was. It was a arcade game and I played it so much. As time went by, it came out by other companies. But when it came out for the computer, I started playing it again. I still have it.

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Yes... Atari ! 😄