Any Video Game Enthusiasts Here?

Hey @Jones68 one of my favorites was Assassin’s Creed series!
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😂 there is an Atari & flashback console.... just sayin
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Oops Atari 8... ugh
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Haha I was born 1981😂
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The very first game I played , I think it was called pong!? Two lines and made the dot move like ping pong. There went my age. Atari? Did they make that? 

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Funny... @Jones68
Just had a Pong flashback! 😄
Age is just levels of awareness...
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@REMEMBRANCE I never looked at age that way. You can bet I’ll use it. That was so cool. But, I can remember playing that game for hours. LOL! Doesn’t even compare to the games today but it holds a whole lot of fun of yesterday. LOL!

Video games produce kids and young adults who can think outside the box. His mind is already wired to solve problems rapidly!
When the first red dead redemption game was released, I was hooked. I leveled up and got my zebra donkey and was ruling at multiplayer. All I talked about to anyone and everyone was red dead. Crazy how a simulated world can stimulate and engrosse the mind.
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@Buyitnowbiznach It’s amazing how we can just let go and get caught up in a fantasy world. Hours later your like, ooh! Hell! I have to go to work. LOL! It does make you use your head. What’s next, this way or that way. I play after the grandkids are asleep. At times I lose track of time. I had a good time. That’s what counts.