Any Video Game Enthusiasts Here?

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@Jones68 I totally would cheat at monopoly 😂 I always told my little cousin that I could borrow money from the bank... we would play that darn game forever bc I just kept going into debt.... I was like “hey, I’m totally paying the bank back.” (I lied haha) I owe monopoly a lot of money.
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@Alright  Sure glad there are no bill collectors in monopoly. I’d be in trouble too!

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@Alright  Have you ever played Galaga? I used to play that game for hours.

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@Alright   Just saying Hey 👋. 

I don’t play but always sell my video games from any platform wii PlayStation I fine I sell more when you set up with lots with one price
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Battlefield v all the way!
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Yes, we have wii, PS and PS2 for sale
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I have been playing DAY Z since it came out on ps4, great game.
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My mother still has the very first Atari, if they made anymore idk.., but it still works and she has tons of games. I remember playing them when I was a little girl like kindergarten, and I'm close to 50 now. Wow...I can't believe I just said that, now I'm all depressed...
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Not for nothing...
But, I heard 50's are the "New" prime! Cheer up gir!
"We are our own reality" Smiley Wink
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