Anything you need! My selling plan!

Level 4
Hello OfferUp friends! I am a very famous seller on well the deep web! I sell Steam key bundles(300x keys for only 60$!) Try and find a better deal than that! I can also get you anything you could want. Any how, I am glad to be apart of this community and I look forward to doing business with y’all! Pm me or reply if you’re looking to buy something! NOTHIN I SELL IS HACKED. Thank you. Don’t be retarded.
Level 9

You are selling hacked account logins.  How do you think it is legal to offer them on OF?

Level 4
Not hacked lol.
Level 9
"Don’t be retarded."

Saying that seems counterproductive to a business incentive.

OfferUp may classify this service as deceptive — effectively banning your account.

Or this "I can refer you to people who do sell hacked Hulu and others though."

You also mention deep-web.

It's strange to see someone selling this outside I assume, THOR, which is generally used for illegal purposes.

Not looking for any of this, just my two cents.
Level 4
Maybe you need to re investigate 😂 “THOR” Lmao What crack are you on.
Level 4
And business on here or not I make more money than a average worker in a year. So don’t tell me my business won’t work or anything. When you make 100k$+ a year off what I do then yes you can tell me how to run my life.