App is demanding further verification, blocking me

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So I already have two ads on OfferUp, and I've already confirmed my e-mail and Facebook. Since I haven't had any offers yet, albeit I've had views, I decided to edit one of my ads. When I went to publish my edits, the app said I was restricted from posting ads until I verify my cell number. I put in my cell number, and it said something like, it did not appear to be a legitimate cell number.

This makes me wonder if people are even able to communicate with me. What's going on? Am I unwelcome to sell here?
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Where's @Elin and @Hotrod when I need them...?
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Make sure you're typing it in correctly.

Are you using the number provided by your carrier or a WiFi VoIP number?

WiFi VoIP doesn't work in case you're wondering.

Or are you by chance selling high priced items?

That may have also prompted further verification, if that's the case.

"Am I unwelcome to sell here?"

You can sell here. That's not the reason you were asked to verify something. I've been asked the same as well. Server updates can also cause apps to log-out users and then prompt to verify.

Third question, are you able to message others?
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Hey @goblin

Thanks for the reply.

No, the prices seem low to me, one item is thirty and one is fifty... Nothing that would break the bank I would think.

I do use a Wi-Fi number. I live in the country outside of town and there is no cell service, so I'm kinda stuck with the landline or Wi-Fi.

I will try to message someone and see if I can.

I noticed a little while ago that my e-mail is not showing as confirmed, but I know I went through that confirmation process. Not sure what's up with that but I can try again I guess...
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Yeah, my email got unconfirmed a while back as well. Remember doing it as well.

It would ask me to confirm email above the app, but didn't stop me from making sales.

Until recently I decided to verify it for the heck of it — took a couple of attempts before I was actually sent the link to follow.
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So I tried to message someone and it blocked me, so I assume nobody has been able to message me either. I reconfirmed my e-mail and the app now claims my account is now activated. Of course... It already was activated, I have two ads up. They both have mode than forty views... I wonder if I lost a sale as a result of that glitch...
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Good to know. Im very new.
Thank you.
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@FreddyTeller Were you ever able to contact our Customer Care team so they can look into this for you? You can go ahead and contact them here if not. 

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After I did an e-mail re-verification, it proclaimed my account was set up, so... I've just been waiting to see. If it still seems good in a few days, I'll call this thread solved.

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Sounds good! Smiley Happy