Attack of the Google Home Minis!!!!!

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The market is flooded with minis thanks to a spotify promotion. How much are you selling your promo minis for?
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I didn't even know about a promotion! Was it good? I've been debating getting a Google Home!


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The promotion entails signing up for the 3 month trial of Spotify premium for $0.99. New accounts only. You then upgrade to the family plan at no additional cost ( it reduces your 3 month trial in to a 2 month trial). The family plan automatically qualifies you for a google home mini. They send a link to the google store, with your promo code already entered, directly to the email you signed up with. Checkout and boom, free google mini (technical a 99 cent mini).

Well peope have been using multiple email accounts and credit cards to get multiple minis. Once their legitimate cc numbers are exhausted, they resort to using virtual credit card numbers along with new email accounts. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, the minis have arrived and are now flooding offer up.

I didn't know anything about it!
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Me either, @BrightMoonstone! That sounds like a pretty great deal, @brotherhafid!!

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Hmm, interesting.

There seem to be some silimar promotions going around.

As I understand it, it's 14.99 + 1$ mini?
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what is my total brother 99cent?? if u can message me in private
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I totally missed this deal. Tried to buy one from a seller but gave up. Maybe this isn't the best gift for a parent. Do you guys / gals disagree, why or why not?