Automatic Decline Offer Under Certain Amount Feature?

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When adding a price, it would be nice if there was an additional box to set a minimum price, which automatically declines offers under the set amount. Would help with some of the rediculously low offers that you aren’t even going to entertain (get so many of those it is a waste of time for me to even open the APP and view them).

Plus the buyer would know nearly instantly we are not in the same price range.

Anything above the set price you can review as normal.
Level 9
I assume this would be text based?

As long as it doesn't misinterpret other things.

I.e. declining numbers such as addresses, zip codes, amounts, models.

If it's an 'input price' type thing, I've only had one of these out of 400~ exchanges - they tend to ignore it.

Seems doable either way, who knows.

A dev with more experience may be able to answer this if they're around.

I know the Firm checkbox does work, so maybe offer your best pirce for the time being.

Users cannot adjust the 'Make Offer' button that way, but can still message you.
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I agree that it certainly shouldn’t effect other features negatively.

How it would be implemented, I do not know.

I picture an additional field where you enter your asking price, which you can set to the minimum you wish to entertain, anything lower automatically get declined.

I hate going in to view offers, just to see that it is so low, me and the buyer are just too far apart, and when I counter offer these people, they never respond back anyway, so it just wastes time even seeing their offer.

I’ve sold a few thousand items on eBay over the years, and when using the best offer fixed price listing format, you can set a minimum price where it automatically declines the offer, easy and painless and I do not have to review low balls at all.
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Oh please, somebody make it so! In the past two or three weeks if we had this function it would literally be smoking with over use on our site. Never have I experienced a flood of rude, disrespectful, and insulting offers as I have during this time. I'm generally a very patient man even to the point of not being told I have the patients of Job but that I'm "Job"! But I must say, my patients is wearing thin. We have items with prices of $750 on them only to have someone offer $80. It almost seems to be getting out of control. Before anybody messages me back telling me how I need to let it go and move on and that special someone with the right price will come my way, that's already me. I don't get angry and block anybody, and I don't go to their site and do it back to them as some sort of revenge, like a lot of other sellers advise in their own writing's. My wife on the other hand does not hold the same virtues as I do. In fact she spends an enormous amount of quality time yelling, " you have got to be kidding me" at her computer! While yes it is unavoidable and always going to be present, a feature to help bypass some of the agony, would be "o so sweet". So please tech gods of Offerup, look down upon us, as we beg you and be merciful unto us oh lords of computer code. So that we your humble people can once again be at peace in our souls.

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Hello, this is my first time on here. So im popping my cherry right away. (No offense to anyone). Just trying to joke. So, to add a reply and a thumbs up to your comment. Ive gotten to the pointwhere i have to put in the description that i will ignore them if they offer me thousands less than im asking . But ppl do it anyways. So if they do anyways, i go ahead and block them. Cause i dont have time for ignorance, ever. An example::
I am selling a dually diesel and asking 7k. I tell them not to offer me low or I'll ignore them..
But as of right now, ive had 2 $4500 offered, $5000 3 times. But the one that had me block a person was $2500. So i know what your talking about.