Awkward message from buyer!!

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Well here's me trolling you what's up?
I disagree on it being a slap on the wrist or multiple warning type situation it's unexceptaple. Haggling low ballers, and liars are one thing. Discrimination, predatory behavior, sexism, bullying, scare tactics, sexual harassment these are our civil rights and this is the future of the business marketplace. There's plenty of places this type bull crap has taken over online I say the warning should be in community policy and lifetime ban for this type stuff should be enforced and reported to law enforcement. It sounds extreme but I have a 15 year old daughter that this will be likely her sole market enviroment. Just my opinion but I feel this is a huge problem not just here but online in general and if there's not standards with consequences and accountability enforced it will destroy society as we know it and it's already started.....
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I tell you i think people think this is a dating site or something.
I quit meeting guys anymore my boyfriend goes instead now because everytime they would hit on me or 90% of the time message me afterwards hittin on me or asking me out.. PEOPLE THIS IS NOT E HARMONY, WE ARE TRING TO SELL UNWANTED & OLD STUFF NOT , PICK UP SOMEONE!!
@Kathy, refer to Tinder!
@GARYTHEPOOLDOC. Community standards are in the gutter and half the country loves it...look who they put in the White House.
The community standards or any standards for that matter are exactly whatever the community allows and tolerates. If we don't hold violators accountable for their actions then the community will never improve... There will always be some bad eggs, but accountability of those who aren't following the rules will certainly straighten most up...
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Yep, I just got a message that said “sex, 1on1”
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Hi @Dolcevita-16 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum
Dolcevita-16 I’m sorry to hear you had this happen to you, report this kind of inappropriate behavior asap, from the persons profile page, tap on report top right corner of the page also block this person, OfferUp will investigate and take the appropriate action.
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I have steadily been getting more and more of these and regardless of whether I politely tell them to leave me alone or ignore then it does not get better and they are starting to stalk me on other social media platforms Etc. I am most definitely about to report every single one