Awkward message from buyer!!

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I have always ysed my pic and i have never had issue .I feel luke it makes it alit personal and your serious buyers like a personal touch
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I had a similar situation. A guy, 22 years old, didn’t want the item, but wanted to take me out for drinks. I’m 58. I referred him to Tinder.
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I totally understand, @MADAMEMARY
There’s lot of nuts out there, I get my fair share of them as well, I had the same thing happen too me, that why my picture is just my logo now, stopped all the nuts with crazy comments, just be safe and never call or give you phone number or any personal information, only message through OfferUp 👍
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All the time just report them.
I get guys acting like they’re interested in an item just to stay a conversation smh
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@Kathy LOL, good!! 

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@Roxxybats Yes if they are being inappropriate, keep reporting them so we have a record of their behavior on their accounts and so our Trust & Safety team can take action.

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I have this happen a lot. I have started checking out profiles before I answer any messages. I can usually tell a fake or what I call a ROMEO profile in seconds. I try to remain polite and explain that I don't give my phone number out and if they are really interested in what I have for sale they will chat with me here in the app. Romeo's don't respond after that. Asking for my address is the same response. I don't know any solution to getting new ones from trying to make this a dating site, but I do know how I stop them when they do. Works for me anyway. Good luck, don't give up.
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Wish people in the community would just stick to honest exchanges instead of trying to use the forum for other purposes. Plenty of other apps for dating in the marketplace. Good suggestion though for fending off these clowns.

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@Robynbyrd Thanks for being honest and sharing Robyn Smiley Happy