Bad Selling Experience

Level 1
I’m new to Offer Up and it’s been fun. I’ve sold through other sites and a few things here with no problems. Today I had a buyer pick something up. She inspected it, liked it, but as she left told my daughter it might be too big for her space. Now she’s texting and claiming the item is damaged, misrepresented and other. I sold an identical item and the other buyers were very happy. What do you do? I have NEVER had my honesty attacked. This is a new experience.
Level 9
Report her to OU and then block her. She had the opportunity to inspect the item before she paid you. No refunds for buyer's remorse.
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@Cheryl1958--Thank you for sharing your story!! It's unfortunate when we encounter negative experiences. I would definitely report the incident within the OfferUp app:

OfferUp Customer care

--I hope this helps!!

Level 7
Tell her that all sales are final and that she had her chance to do due diligence at the meet up and if the product had a flaw or was damaged it could have been discovered right then and there. Also tell her that once money has been exchanged it is a done deal. If she reports you or gives you a low rating, speak to Offer Up about the situation. Don't hesitate to block her if she harasses you. She has NO grounds to bother you. Offer up is not a store it is a online selling site for mostly used products. Therefore the all sales are final at meetups. Case closed!
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@Cheryl1958--I was wondering why the buyer spoke with your daughter regarding the possibility of the item not fitting as oppose to speaking directly with you? Then you both could have interacted further at that point (even prior to her leaving). At the end of the day, if the person looked at the item & liked it, if there was any damages they would have been noticed/mentioned at that time. I apologize again for your experience. I hope it all works out. Have a great day!!
Level 3

I wouldn't worry a bit, they probably after they had it , found something else they wanted to buy, and thought they could get you to give money back, when they bought it, sounds like they were satisfied, again don't worry, there's a lotta people like that out there, I got robbed taking a item to meet the supposed buyer, be safe, always meet where's there's people around!!