Bad Transactions

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All you do is in the item for sale tap on the sellers name or his or her photo, on the next page top right tap on report. And follow the instructions from there. At the end it will give you the option to block the person from contacting again. 😎
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I totally agree with you @Decades_Antqs 👍
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I totally understand, did you report the person to OfferUp?, what I do is meet the sellers cell phone provider to check the phone is paid off. And can be used with my cell phone 📱 provider. 😎
She lied, literally a scammer, why not make a Police Report. They can scam others. Maybe already. I would not let them thieves go. Please report, make a complaint, give copy of photo u took. Please. I have had 4 liars.
By the way. No matter if she knows a cop. They are thieves, scamers. Go down to Police Dept asap report them.
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We started texting, when I decided to buy the desktop I picked it up at his place, The boy said it was working perfectly, however the boot drive is toast so he lied, when I texted him that I am reporting I recieved threatening texts. so I cut of communication.

@Pwhite92 wrote:
Hey OfferUp fam,
I recently had a transaction with my buying a Nintendo Switch that was advertised with 4 games. I offered $300 for the whole package, and the seller accepted. I met the seller in a bar parking lot of her choice, and we began our transaction. She told me 3 games were downloaded on the switch, which I found fishy, and that everything was inside the Macy's bag. I handed her the money, and began to look at the items while she counted the money. There was one cable in the whole bag that was visible, so I asked and it was supposedly a charging cable. I went to my car with a charging outlet and tried it but it didn't fit the console. I attempted to tell her but she said that it was the wire. I said no again and she said that that's not her wire. That she has an iPhone. This confused me, and I attempted to get the money back. She goes inside and gives the money to her brother that I found out in another message on OfferUp. I threatened to get the police involved and she says her brother is a cop at the local police department. I have a picture of her license plate. I have no clue if I can even do a police report on this incident. I was obviously a part of a fraudulent transaction. I filed a complaint through OfferUp, and she listed her item as sold to another buyer to keep her rating high. Is there anything else I could possibly do to help my situation?

this I received a long letter from his sister using extreme profanity, attacking and threatening me. 

I cut of communication after that.
He needs to be taken off Offerup.......