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Sorry I haven't been around much, still dealing with husband's passing and having to close the store. I just wanted to pop in and say I made my first purchase with shipping through the app and I couldn't be more pleased at how simple it was. I am in love with the fact that we can post via our computers now, helps a LOT to ME! 

Was wondering why out community badges couldn't be displayed on our OfferUp Selling Profiles as well? Might instill MORE buyer confidence? IDK just a thought! 

Hugs to all my OfferUp Family hope to be "seen" around again real soon <3


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@GnosisUrbanus-Eithin the forums you can earn different badges by communicating with others, & helping out with questions/suggestions.

If you go to the upper right hand corner of your screen & click on your profile avatar, you will see the different badges & if you click on each one you can receive a snapshot of how to earn them. I hope this helps!!
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@Decades_Antqs   So sorry for your loss. I’m glad your making a comeback. Glad to hear you had a good experience with shipping. It opens a lot of doors from all over to buy and sell. I agree with you that in your profile your badges should be seen. I’m going to ask someone about that. You may even want to bring it up to @Mj_206  and see if it’s possible to add it to your profile. Again thank you for the info. It’s a good idea. 

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It's a bit weird, but while the two may seem to be connected, they arent. I wish I could explain it bit better but I dont want people to know that I have a lot of badges on the forums. It makes me look like they can come for help on my selling profile when all I want to do is sell on that profile and help on this one.

@Decades_Antqs   The "forum" badges are no judge of character and are meaningless. 

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@aidenholley   You know I didn’t even think of that. Your right. It would intertwine with that part of your profile. Seems I need to think a little more. LOL! 

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Welcome back!
So nice to see you again!
My condolences to you during this trying time. Badges are a fun incentive for members on the forums, not sure how they would work on the actual app?
Am actually looking forward, to beginning with Shipping this Holiday season though... How long did the money transference take, your first round? Lol
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Hey there @Decades_Antqs !! 


I've been asking for a Community Member badge to show on the main OfferUp profile! Not any of the forum badges, but something that highlights the user as a registered forum user. But it sounds like some people might not want this?


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Now that Badge... @Mj_206
I can see as a positive thing on the main OU Profile. At my meet-ups, I am always asking users if they have been on the Community forum yet? Then, inviting them to check it out, while rating and reviewing them.
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Hey, I sent you a private message, I just want to make sure it went through correctly. Did you reccieve a PM from me?

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@Decades_Antqs--Welcome back to the forums!! I'm very sorry for your loss, & my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.

It sounds like the shipping feature is working out really well for you!! I would like to wish you continued success!! Take care!!