Bed bug nightmare

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Becareful when buying furniture, inspect the seams, look for what appears to be tiny blood droplets and /or miniture roaches snuggled up to the stitching of the furniture..Bed bugs are very hard and very expensive to get rid of.Once they get into your home they multiply and can hide in the seams of the carpets ..cracks and crevices of walls and other furniture...that leather couch may look real nice..but it could be home to hundreds of these infested bugs
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Sneaky little buggers... @Kkbristow
Have yet to come across bedbugs :/
Do you know how to eradicate them? No bugs please! GLTU Smiley Happy
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@Kkbristow--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! Thank you for sharing your experience!! Were you able to get rid of them?
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Heat kills them and I do believe there eggs also, what I recall is 140 degrees for two hours lower heat for longer time period, you definitely need to prepare for that kind of heat, rental yards have several types of heaters that would work for you good luck........
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GTK...for people looking to get rid of them!
Appreciate your helpful tips for this topic.

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This is a GREAT reminder @Kkbristow 

Seriously great reminder that is often overlooked! Bed bugs are a horrible pest.

While we are on the topic of bugs let me also add in that you should also be on the lookout for TERMITES!!! Another bad one to look out for is the German Cockroach which are smaller in size than the usual kind but reproduce MUCH quicker and can infest a room or whole home in no time!!

All in all- be on the look out for any bugs, but these 3 are ruthless!

Again awesome post @Kkbristow 

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Thanks for that extra valuable information @Fredyfred5!
Is any one else feeling kinda itchy... lol... Uugggg!
And I live in FL too haha
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I have been scratching myself just from the thought too!! Robot LOL

I noticed we are both in the Sunshine state!! What a coincidence, very cool!! =)

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Haha... @Fredyfred5
Knew I wasn't the only one!
Too cool... fellow Floridian, no pun intended lol Smiley Wink
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@Kkbristow great post I personally have never seen a bed bug, and hope I never do. I'll just take you alls word on it. But also @Fredyfred5  great addition about termites. Being in the furniture repair business I've come across them many times. People dont think about finding them in furniture, but it happens quite often. They can literally destroy a piece right before your eyes. When ever I come across them that piece of furniture will leave my shop post haste,(if you know what I mean). Plus they give me heebee jeebees. You have to really inspect furniture extremely well before you buy it! Seriously this not something to take lightly!