Best offer? What the...?

For some reason OfferUp has now been showing either a price history or a “best offer” label on items I have listed. Not only is this inaccurate (no clue where they are getting their info from for the label) and I have no way to fix it, but it’s also counterintuitive to the whole deal-making process. For example: I have a laptop for sale for $150. OfferUp is showing $175 with a line through it and now $150 next to that number. On top of that it is showing a “best offer” of $175, which is false. How can I have a best offer of $175, but then have the price reduced to $150? I now have to battle and explain to people why/how these labels are incorrect and what is going on (I think it is doing it based on an auto reader for the messages for each item). What the hell is going in an who thought this was a good idea? Get rid of this feature, like, yesterday, please.