Beware of a scammer

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I got the same kind of situation with my fur coat. 3 ladies , 1 from let go and 2 from offer up. Want me to deposit a check , wait for it to clear, then pay her movers. The check was for the amount like 5 times more than what im asking. I told her i think your trying to scam someone . Sorry I'm not the one. She hasn't text back
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@Peppie21--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! It's great that you're able to recognize the check scam & understand there are people out there trying to get over on you. Always follow your heart/gut--(especially if something doesn't feel right).

Wouldn't it be something if it was the same lady but with different accounts trying to scam on different buying/selling platforms?!? Thanks so much for your time and feedback!!
That’s absurd
Contact customer support
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Look out for Hannah Beasley... sent a check for 1530 dollars more than asking price for me to give cash to their personal shipper to ship item to them.. 1st number was from Hawaii an 808 number 2nd on from Braham, MN... drawn on a real bank with stolen checks. Real bank checks I found out NEVER have local addresses printed on then.. Beware.. Luckily I knew before I was scammed.
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Was it BB&T Cuz the exact same thing happened to me and I too called and reported it.. my persons name was Hannah Beasley fake name I am sure
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Just happened to me as well. Same EXACT story. Bank has Cashier's Check. Seller beware.