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I had someone yesterday purchase something from me. I was at the store when he was saying he would like it, I was home in 10 minutes - he said he wouldn’t be to the house for 30. When I arrived home 10 minutes later he was blocking my drive way. I was on a business call and I grabbed the item handed it to him and mouthed thank you.

He gave me a 1 Star. I had 5 stars prior. How do I change that? If it was the item he has the option of not taking it when they arrive- it was the exact item pictured, he was 15 minutes early and never gave me a heads up he was coming early... ugh. Now my sales have slowed down


In regards to local pickups, buyers seem to rate the "purchase experience" more than the item itself, since they can just decline to buy if it does not meets their expectations.


There is nothing you can do about the review.

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This sometimes happens when a buyer thinks they are rating you the best rating. They choose 1 star, instead of 5 stars, for an excellent rating, unknowingly, until after the fact. Too late then... =/
What has worked for me, is to ask the buyer politely, if they would mind rating & reviewing you as you rate & review them. Then, both parties are not surprised or disappointed by the outcome.
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