Bucket List Goals

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I hope that you will add your ideas also inspiration to create your own crazy fun bucket list to this post. Maybe your bucket list will completely changed your life for the (better, of course!).
I’ll start it off,
1 Climbing Mount Everest ✔️
2 Racing category 2 🚴‍♂️ ✔️
3 Skydive ✔️
4 Scuba diving ✔️
If you think of more,
please feel free to add them

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I'm 55, got nose pierced at 45 as my "rage against middle age". Got the tattoo about a month ago, by my daughter with her own design, so that made it more special to me. I chose a Phoenix in a henna style. I had decided that if Life kept trying to leave it's mark on me I was going to choose the Mark! I made the decision 10 yrs ago to do it, just didn't want something random and stupid for the sake of getting a tattoo. Glad I waited Smiley Very Happy

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Sunrise at Stonehenge for the Spring Eqinox DONE!

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Operating a D-10 bulldozer for a living, DoneSmiley Happy
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BTW, do you have any toes left hotrod? (Frostbite)Smiley Wink
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Chris555 very lucky lost a few brain cells though lol
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Owning a horse!! Don't think I can get that on OfferUp though Smiley Tongue

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@Hotrod pretty good list. Myself I have never really thought about a bucket list. But I'll see what I can come up with.
1. Go to Australia
2. Catch a peacock bass
3. Drive a drag car. Done
4. Swim with sharks.
I'm sure I'll think of more . When I do I'll post them
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I can just see it, “lady caught in Seattle apartment with horse inside”
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Jd41, hey! No swimming with sharks, haven’t you seen JAWS?
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@Chris555 lol. no worries. That would probably be one of the last to crosd off my list