Bucket List Goals

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⭐have my book "a Beautiful Disatster, a survuvors story",published and out with in the next 9 months and have the finance end of it figured out to finish the editing to be able to launch it.

🌟to grow my etsy store into a actual business

🌟I want it create the very first Minnesota medical cannabis tea that is distributed to those who struggle with smoking as a more natural way of ingesting it.
🌟I want to move out of the cities back into the country with my family in the middle of no where in a old farm.house. working on my art, the other books that I am working on and over all I want you live life to the fullest ammd see and do it all.

🌟it also want to continue my public speaking to both juvenile treatment staff but also to the kids to give them hope and a inside look as to what it's like to be a kids in the system so that one day things can change as to how we handle abused children.
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@Chris555 LOL! Hey, it could happen.

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I really hope so!!! I believe things have reason even if you don't understand it at the moment so my fingers are crossed.

I have:

Owned a horse

Lived in Japan (there's a new list just there!)

Married my best friend

Had the best dog in the world

Owned a Restaurant

Ran away and joined the Ren Faire ( for 8 yrs!)

Spent 3 months living in the Sterling Forest NY

Ate at Katz's Deli

Breathed the air in Tiffany's

Attended Easter Service at Yorkshire Cathedral

Wrestled in Jello

Survived a taxi ride in Tijuana

Seen a Bull Fight

Became a Grandma

Sold on line to Disney/Warner/AMC/TNT

Sold a fine bronze to a museum


I want to:

Get a tattoo

Jump out of a plane/parachute

Ride a Zip line in the Amazon

Live to see at least one Great Grandchild

Win the Lotto (not the whole thing LOL am not greedy)

Go to Ireland

and there will be more!





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@Decades_Antqs Oh my gosh, you've owned a horse. Ahh. Jealous. These lists are amazing Smiley Happy


Also, "breathed the air in Tiffany's" lolol. More than I've done! 

She was a cantankerous barn sour little sh*t too. LOL My Dad bought her from a family who's kids lost interest. Crow hopped something fierce, sucked wind everytime you tried to saddle her, and you had to sneak up on her with the bridle. But I loved her and rode her all the time when I live in the Colorado Mountains <3

Level 9
I would love to learn to play the guitarSmiley Happy
Level 9
So many great goals😂😎
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UPDATE: Got the tattoo!