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I'm 55, got nose pierced at 45 as my "rage against middle age". Got the tattoo about a month ago, by my daughter with her own design, so that made it more special to me. I chose a Phoenix in a henna style. I had decided that if Life kept trying to leave it's mark on me I was going to choose the Mark! I made the decision 10 yrs ago to do it, just didn't want something random and stupid for the sake of getting a tattoo. Glad I waited Smiley Very Happy

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I have 6 tats myself and all of them have a meaning behind them. Thinking of getting one covered up but have to find the right one.
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@Decades_Antqs Love that!! I have a tiny one on my wrist for my family. I would love to get more though Smiley Happy I love the tiny tiny meaningful ones, I think they're so cute. 

Thanks @Elin ! I love it, it's different from everything I looked at. Soft with Red, Brown, Orange and Yellow. Not a black line bright colored one, very subtle on my bicep. She's designing another one for me for smaller for back of shoulder. It will represent my deceased husband and I. Dragonflies in a ying yang form also will be a softer henna style. Can't wait! LOL

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ill tell u one thing for sure, if you ever got something on your mind and cant seem to shrug it off .....a meaningful ink scar will help you forget all about it for sure!! I have a few done by others and i have a few done by me, seems to work either way lol ......good luck, god bless & " Go Get Ink'd ".....

p.s. i cant draw almost anything if u ever need some more ideas maby i can help....

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---Wow... they "all" sound amazing!
Except swimming with sharks... seen JAWS prior to move to FL 😦
Will have to agree with @Chris555 in that respect @jd41 😁

-Anyhoo... Would "Love" to figure out a way to help rid this planets Oceans of "plastic"!!! 👍💜🌎
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Wait a minute @ Hot Rod you have check marks by these bucket list items. You climbed Everest? That is awesome!!!

Here is mine:
1) Go back to Alaska on an adventure vacation. I would love to do a really awesome tour of Denali National Park.
2) Visit other countries such as Switerland and Austrailia.
3) Would love to travel through the US and Canada in a Winnabago.
4) Live on the west coast for awhile.
5) Do more white water rafting,surfing and kayaking.
6) Start a charity that would help people who suffer from medical debt and people whose homes are in jeopardy due to hardship.
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-Was curious about the same thing @ALLY78-
---Looks like he's quite the Adventurous Soul---
"FUN, FUN, FUN"... @Hotrod 😃🇺🇸
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@KSARASARA @ALLY78 Yes you can say I do get around from time to time. Lol, my photo that’s at the top of Mount Everest at 8,848 metres. five mates and my self decided to do it. mainly over a bet one night. ALLY78 you have quite a list yourself!. I’m always looking to add to my bucket, I’m still planning my next adventure. 😎🇬🇧🔚