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-Yes... @Hotrod your pic looks like you are having an amazing, very chilly, Expedition!
Hmm... wonder what the bet entailed & where the next bucket adventure will take place ❓
Staying Tuned... Hotrod
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@KSARASARA lol yes the bet!, that’s giving me a really good idea for Mj_206 next game guessing what the bet was. I’ll give Mj_206 answer, everyone can try a figure out the reason for the bet. Lol Your thoughts 💭, KSARASARA are you going to add your bucket list.? 😎🇬🇧🔚
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-Sounds good @ Hotrod-
---Always up for a "Challenge"... will try anything 1x (@least) lol---
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@Hot-Rod, you know I a wondered about your profile pic. You mentioned you were from AZ. I thought that pic was probably a pic of you on a ski slope. Lo and behold, it is a picture of you on Mt. Everest! Wow, my mind is officially blown away! I have nothing but mad respect for you. That is very inspirational. Thanks for this post and sharing your experiences. 😲👍👏🤗
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@ALLY78 Thanks glad you enjoyed it, 🙏 Yes I only had my goggles and mask off for about 30 seconds for the picture before having to put it back on.! It’s really not smart to take off your goggles and mask at that altitude. but that’s never going to stop me! 😂 😎🇬🇧🔚
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-Nice... @Hotrod-
---Very Impressive---
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@Hotrod for some WILD reason, I always assumed this was a pic of you on Mount Everest and I'm totally shocked that my assumption was right! That's a pretty insane task to take on - congrats for that! You sure like to push yourself!


My bucket list... Hmm, not sure I have much of one anymore! I'm not too much of a thrill seeker (got my adrenaline junkie days out of my system back when I was a springboard diver) but I guess I kinda am living out a bucket list dream. I get to make a career out of community, being on the internet, and helping to make a change.


Oh and @Decades_Antqs - LOVE Your tattoo story!! My mom was so against tattoos growing up, and hated that I have several. About 2 years ago she finally gave in and I referred her to my tattoo artist, and now she has 2 tattoos by him! If anyone in AZ is looking for an artist I got an amazing recommendation Smiley LOL

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@Mj_206 thanks 🙏, I just love the excitement and pushing my self to see How far I can go. lately kind of laid up for the last six months from my last adventure. guess I was pushing a bit too hard. lol, got somewhat of a bug but almost back on my feet!. lol 😎🇬🇧🔚

Edit; Hey Mj_206 that’s a really great buck list as well. 👍👍 maybe I’ll get a few tattoos one day! 👍
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-Would, take you up on the tattoo artist in AZ recommendation... However, had a slight allergy issue as a child, which turned into a "Major" dislike for super pointy things! 😬😄
---Lucky You Mj... OfferUp 👍---
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---Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather for quite some time---
🍵 "Very Healing" 🙏