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@KSARASARA I totally feel you on that!, pointy things are literally a pain!!, I’ve been getting few of those in the last six months as well! 😎🇬🇧🔚

Edit; Yes KSARASARA thanks for the tip on 🍵 "Very Healing" that’s for sure!! I finally got 6 hours sleep 😴 last night.! 👍
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Thanks @KSARASARA I think the doctors have finally got a handle on it now.! Its just gives me more time to figure my next adventure. 😂😎🇬🇧🔚
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Ouch... @Hotrod!
---Glad you're finally getting some REM sleep! 🐏💤
Looking forward to the continuing...
"Adventures of Hotrod" 👍😁🇺🇸🔚
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Hey, I’ll take some tea! Oh, haha, you can take a trip and never leave the farm!
Remember that song??
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Okay @Hotrod...
Which fun bucket list adventure are you on now?
"Hot Air Ballooning" would have to be on my list for sure!
Hope to see you back soon! 🇬🇧 Smiley Happy
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Would also have to add:
Build a "Luxury" Tiny House and travel this "Beautiful" country, meeting all kinds of interesting people and experiencing new and exciting things!
Love Adventures!
Before greed takes over this planet's beauty... 🌷