Buyer remorse or scam?

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A buyer bought a speaker from me which clearly says knockoff JBL in the description and the pics show exactly what it looks like. The speaker and box do not have JBL on them anywhere, the speaker kinda looks like a JBL but says T&G on it. It is in fact, a JBL knockoff. As soon as he gets it, he files a claim and says it's not JBL as advertised. I went back and forth with him for a while about it then finally reported and blocked him. No one can really be that stupid can they? Is he having remorse for not looking at the pictures and reading the description or is he trying to get a brand new speaker for free? Told me he wants a refund. I have sold online for years and dealt with people like this before on ebay this is a first on here.
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People are that stupid.
Also, accept the RETURN, not refund. Relist as the brand that it is, not jbl knockoff. Counterfeit products are illegal. Make no mention of jbl brand.
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How does offerup go about returns? I'm not paying for this idiot to ship it back. It's not a counterfeit product either. It's a similar speaker, but much cheaper. Anyone with half a brain knows exactly what a JBL looks like, it doesnt have T&G on it, it has JBL on it, duh. Trying to tell me he cant read or look at pictures.... shouldnt be allowed to even have a bank account.
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Let him file a dispute, offerup will instruct him on what to do next. Ou covers return label, or so I have heard. They also could opt to pay you and refund him as well.
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He got a refund but I have no tracking number


Out of curiosity, did OU indicate as to why the refund was approved?


The reason for the above question is that IF the buyer was given a refund on the BASIS that the speakers are "counterfeit" (I am aware that you clarified that they were NOT JBL), then OU will instruct the buyer to ship the speakers to their HQ (not to you).

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No. Not reason why, I'm guessing they didnt want to deal with his stupidity either. And yes, this guy clearly is stupid as all get out, he has a couple watches for sale. 1 single picture, no description at all except open box (never used) and it just says "watch" as the title. I thought about buying them then filing claims on them for not having a detailed descriptions. Not as described, not new, whatever. See how he likes it because my listing clearly stated what it was he was buying. I'm not real happy about this decision on their part but nothing I can do about it. They let him keep it and gave him a refund after he tells me he doesnt want it. What kind of crap is that?

Offerup sent me a message saying they released my funds as a one time courtesy or something and added this:
Here are some tips and tricks to help prevent Buyer Protection claims in the future.
Create a detailed description of your item, and post multiple photos from different angles to show buyers the most accurate view of the item's condition.

Use things like crumpled-up old newspaper to pad your item in the box.

Try gently shaking your package before shipping. If you can hear the item moving around, you may need more padding.
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Yes, I had a detailed description and 3 photos I took myself attached to this item like I do on all things I sell. He claimed it not as described and argued I was selling a JBL when I was not. Sorry for the rant but it really ticks me off they let him keep it and refunded him instead of making him send it back.