Calling it quits

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I joined offer up to help raise money to bury my friend. I sold just about everything. 3 more days and it's over. I met great people and made new friends but because of everyone and offer up we raised almost 1000.00 to help out. I have a few things left so if your interested text asap (3 days ) Be good to each other and dont hold people up on a sale always show up or call. Be open to meeting people there are great one out there but be smart. Thankyou everyone
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Im happy to read OU help you with friend's burial @Lornajs
Also, you are true friend and real gentleman for helping friend in his final hours. God bless with your future
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So uplifting to read about "True Friendship" @Lornajs!
Love that you raised the $$ you needed from selling items on OU!
Thanks for taking your time, in this time of need, to uplift others!
Take care! Smiley Happy
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So sorry about burying a friend.
Just wanted you to know you don't have to go unless you want to. This is the community forum where those neat people could possibly help you out... Sad for you. Best of luck-@L11
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@Lornajs echoing what @L11 said sorry for lose. We always hate to see good people leaving the OU forum's! Good luck in all you do!