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I just started using Offer Up last month (my first time selling anything online) to help sell some items since I will be moving soon. One of the items I had for sale was a washer and dryer set. The asking price was for $550. I received a message on Offer Up from someone named Thomas (no picture and it said he just started using this August 2018). He provided me with his phone number and asked if we could text to provide more info on selling and moving this set. Throughout the conversation he explained that he could send a bank certified check to pay for the cost of the items and to help pay a "mover" to deliver them. I asked if he could please send the money through Venmo and Paypal instead. He said he did not have access to either accounts at the moment and that he was at a Marine Base Camp. I asked some more people that have sold things online and they said a certified bank check should go through.

He sent the check through Fedex. The check was all typed out and the amount was for $1,950.00 ($1,400 over my asking price). I know this was definitely more fishy now. I contacted my bank to see up to how long it would take to bounce if it was not good. They said about 3 days to a week and there would be a $15 fee if it did. I plannerld to wait as long as I could to see if it bounced but I did need to move these items out quickly. I did some more research online about other possible scams similar to my case. One of the blogs I read said just about the same thing happened to her. She decided to call the bank where the check was sent from to verify the account and check #. I did the same and went through their security department. They called me back stating it was a fake check. So now I will be waiting for it to bounce and will not withdraw any of the amount of that check from my account. If this is happening to you please don't go any further than this. Contact your bank and the bank you receive the check from before depositing it or withdrawing any money out.

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Hi @Brittany18, that is very frequent scam. Matter of fact I get that message all the time which (1) I ignore or (2) play with a scammer by giving them false info.
ALWAYS deal with cash only or payment by OU apps. Never accept non Cash payments.
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I got a similar message (see below). It is unclear to me as to how the scam would work. Definitely suspicious that the person wants to lose the money of an overnight delivery of the check. What exactly are they hoping to achieve?


Thanks for your prompt response,  actually I am sorry that I could not
come to pick the item in person, I actually just had a change in my
work schedule but I believe am ok with the condition as seen on the
advert as well as the price stated. I am ready to make instant
purchase with my mode of payment would being a Certified Bank Check
via Postal service Express mail or USPS overnight delivery.

 I have my own shipper that will come over to pick up the item from
your place as soon as you receive check, cashed it and have your money
in hand, I promise you everything will go smoothly as I would like to
have it before my son wedding anniversary which comes in a week.
Kindly get back to me with your

*Full Name
*Full mailing Address,
*Cell Phone Number and Agreed price.

As soon as this is provided, payment will be overnight to you and I
will let you know once mailed out  with tracking number sent to you. I
will also add an additional $50 for holding it for me till the Check
gets to you and make sure you mark the posting has sold.
Thanks and I hope we handle this in good faith while waiting to hear from you.
Have a Wonderful Sunday


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@Brittany18--Be aware of this type of thing. Deal with cash payments only. I too experienced a similar situation a while back. I was selling jewelry on the OfferUp app. This guy sent me a message claiming he was interested in the jewelry but he lived in another state. He was willing to send me a cashier's check, & send $150 over the amount. I keep an extra $50 for my troubles, & after I cash the check give the additional $100 to the moving company "that would be in the area to pick up other items so they can use the funds to make their completed deliveries."

This type of scam the person tries to get people to commit, by offering to send extra money some people may fall for it. I too asked "Why would you pay extra for the jewelry & pay a moving company to deliver it. Then he no longer wanted to communicate. People like this may even want to discontinue communication wirhin the OfferUp app, communicate through phone calls, or email (not to be traced or detected by anyone, & in the end have the item(s) & the product if you fall for it. I too didn't believe any of it, & you just have to be aware & be cautious of who you interact with. Thanks so much for your time and sharing your experience!!
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I am sorry that happened to you, where have peoples morals or values gone? Shame on the scammers!!
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Also new to these forums, but I'd like to also throw out there that there are some people here who, somehow, have a way to get new bank debit card numbers, ccv info and everything tied to it, all online. I have a new account , my card came in the mail, and had already been hacked and ran in Pakistan!!!!. This is in the salem area... Beware
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I've now received $3,040.00 in checks express mailed to me that are worthless (fake) checks. I bank at a major nationally known institute that helped me determine the validity. If I had deposited them I would have faced bounced check fees. If I had relied on the funds God only knows how bad the incident could have been.
If someone messages you saying they can't pick up the purchased item but a shipper (agent, worker etc..) will be sent to pick up the item, immediately you know it's a fraud. If they want to send you a check more than the asking price, you know its a fraud
When this happens to me I don't respond but the next day I send a message saying "can I get your name and address as well as a landline phone number? Typically they ask why? Then send a message " My name is Mr. Lopez with the F B I and I'm conducting a check fraud investigation. These are standard questions, please answer them truthfully".
So far, that is the last time I hear from them.
Please Be Aware!
@MikeClark I'm sorry this happened. These scammers have been doing this for years. There's alot of posts on here and in the news about these people. Its really sad.
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what does an OU app mean? Like PayPal?
@Dawnie10 the OU app is what you're using on your phone to search, sell and buy on Offerup. Offerup has their own payment system.