*Check Scam*

Level 2
Thanks! I am so confused with all of this( obviously new and took on 4 apps at once)! Learned my first lesson with a lady being so nice, buying $148 of items, as well as the $60 something for shipping, asking if she could send me a check for both. She seemed trustworthy and had been a member since 2016, with all the things- from payment method to Facebook filled out. Thinking that she would send a check afterwards. I told her that she could just send after she received all of her boxes, and liked it. afterwards, one message, "np about the check", and never heard, nor would she responds to my texts. Learned the hard way, right before Christmas! anyhow, sorry to go on and on! It started ot as a simple "Thank you". One more question, though??? How do I use my PayPal to deposit the balance I have, along with use it to pay. Since I haven't deposited the balance, can I use that to pay for something? Sorry to hit you with all these questions, I just can't get anything, other than articles, from OfferUp! Thanks Again! 🙃
Hi @Dawnie10 sorry to hear that happened to you. 😢 Offerup has their own payment system. They aren't linked up with paypal. I know some people have used paypal but you won't be able to file a claim with Offerup if you recieve a bad item because Offerup only protects you if you pay using their payment system.