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So I’ve been selling on offer up for almost a year now and I sale tools . Everyone knows that it’s a huge market and quick sales . Well small background in me real fast . I’m from a highly decorated government and military family so I hold our service members dear and close to my heart and would give my shirt off my back to help one in need . That being said I was messaged by a profile names Terry that wanted to buy my posting for an entire lot of tools for 400! Supper cheap listing was just trying to make fast cash . I was very vague on pictures and descriptions. He was very interested and said no need to explain what’s in listing and that his profession would it allow him to come look at product and that he lived in New Jersey. I’m in San Diego ca . He said he will send a check for full amount . Cool . And when finished with deposit and check clears he’d send for his stuff from marines in Miramar . Cool . Awkward but I was giving a chance to them . Two weeks later finally I got a tracking number how they did it lol I don’t know . The check came and I called fedex and they never processed the package in first place . So some stranger approached my home while I was gone and my wife and baby were home alone . And my wife new I was expecting a check so she calls me via FaceTime and opens the check . Remember the item is only 400$ the check was written to the sound of $3,200 from a little mom and pops bakery in Kansas City Missouri. So I googled the bakery and I got into contact with the owner and they were very surprised to hear someone had their banking info . So we both made police reports and now she’s sending my 2 yr old a bunch of cookies for helping her find a lot of missing funds Smiley Happy so moral of the story OfferUp has buy through the app option for a reason don’t accept any other forms of payment especially if it’s large sums .
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Got to know I only accepted cash and now credit card from offer up I never accept checks when they try to send you checks sometimes they try to send you more and ask you to cashed and send them back the rest of the money.
Sorry but not big time scammer.
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Love the happy ending to your story! So you did not ship the tools?
Glad your family are fine Smiley Happy
Thanks for sharing!
The flip side however, is that a seller Tabitha told me she would knock off $100 for a ring I was interested in. She said she could not take the original offer I made her due to the fees with OfferUp so if I paid her through pay pal she could take less. That sounded legit to me and we had several texts back and forth- mother of 6 yr old. Anyway told me she would send the ring next day through FedEx. I paid her through pay pal and now it is a week later and she will not return any emails or text from me. I contacted pay pal which I thought would protect me but it appears they do not cover personal purchases such as this.
I am heading to file a police report on Monday.
My suggestion is to only use OfferUp to pay for items.