Cheeers to another good day :)

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Cheeers to another good day. I made another sale and got over 500 views on my fire pit monster. Thats awesome and encouraging that people are taking interest in things i enjoy as hobby. I hope everyone had a great day and gets to finish their evening with a bowl of ice cream. Stay cool people and cheers to cookies and cream #bluebell ;p
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@JM2018, Welcome to Community Forum congrats on your first sale! Hope many more to come... thanks for sharing your positive energy hope everyone had you positive review like you. Good stuff. Congratulations once again. @StevenY
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Thank you! Im just excited that so many folks looked at my ad. Although no offers were made on my fire pit monster art i feel humbled that it atleast caught alot of peoples eye to look at it. That is another reward in itself to me. I tend to create things via welding, art or any other method of manifesting things into reality using my creative passion as the impetus for its creation. Hope im not too philosophical but the analogy i draw is similar to that of an artist that creates a masterpiece which in turn naturally draws people to it. The views on the ad serve as a "proxy" for behavioral trends and the prospects for future sales. Hiii five!! Cheeers to all and thank you for the warm regards.
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@JM2018, I'm excite as for you find true passion in art welding and find your audience OfferUp app. Buyer will come, if they're appreciate your artwork. You're kept working on your master piece once day it can't be measure with monetary but appreciate with wisdom many generations to come. True artwork will define times and appreciate over times. Fire pit will do to pay bills and supply. Maybe offer your service to weld something for them charge flat fee rate could be fix gate, fence, tool etc... Good luck my friend.
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@StevenY thanks for your thoughts. Im taking everything as a possibility. I recently retired so im just out here having fun and trying to redefine my life course. Im kind of in a blank slate ie "Tabula Rasa" kind of John Lockean in nature. Im just embracing every moment in time without any major expectations. Goodnight and thank you for warm regards.
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-Ciao' @JM2018-
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How are you doing today? Hope everyone's staying cool boy its huttttt outside.

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Swimming & eating lots of popsicles to help cool down!
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That sounds amaaaaazing, @KSARASARA!! Smiley Happy

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---Welcome anytime @Mj_206---
😊 Stay Well !