Cleaning Items Up Before Selling

Level 1
I think it is a great idea to clean your items up before taking pics and attempting to sell them.
Not only should you be able to sell your items quicker.
I also believe it is good for The OfferUp site,
Where it does not appear that people are selling broken things and garbage on here.

What are your thoughts?
Community Manager

Agreed 100000000%!!!! This is the mark of a serious seller in my opinion, and it leads to a quicker sale!

Level 9
I have a "listing kit"
Alcohol to remove pen mark on boxes
Lysol wipes
Microfiber towels
Goof off
Glass cleaner (foaming kind, I LOVE THIS STUFF)
Fabric steamer and iron

Besides the fact that my laundry Never gets done because I am constantly washing bedding and pillows for sale
My husband hates that part, but even sometimes when I go shopping, I will start a load of heavy stuff at my local laundry mat, by the time I come back its ready for the dryer.
People are gross if they dont care enough to clean things.
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Most definitely @Phil_Webber!
Even if the item is clean (everyone has varied standards to cleanliness)... a little freshening-up "Always" makes a difference!
Seen some items that could of used a little @RevivalGypsy assistance too... Smiley Happy
Level 9
Someone on another app was reselling a duvet that she received with "poo stains", like literal poo stains. She paid $179 and decided that leaving appropriate NEGATIVE feedback was worth losing her return amount. Cant say I blame her.
But.... then she listed it herself with the flaws for $89.
Sigh. Burn that thing to the ground
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Oh... No... They didn't!