Combined Shipping ? Why not?

Level 3

 Is there a team in the works to create a combined shipping option on offer up? I have to manually make bundles to ship multiple items. I feel that would help sellers like myself.


Anyone else think so? 

Community Manager

Yes yes yes!! So much yes! I NEED this feature, @Portlandcoin!! This feedback has been passed on previously because it seems like a no-brainer! I think its on our roadmap somewhere Smiley Happy

Level 3
Gosh I hope so because I get people asking me this all the time. I ship small lightweight toys so it just makes sense. I got shortchanged on the last one OfferUp didn't give me the right amount in my account because two items were added to my other item. I actually lost twenty bucks and gave two things away for free basically because this option doesn't exist yet and I was trying to help a customer. I hope they can improve this soon