Con man

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Look out for a guy named Jason!!! He’s a con man. He will offer you a deal u cant refuse. He will give you his(?) phone number and a picture of his(?) drivers license to seduce you into sending him money. He will have financial hardships galore and he will be temporarily out of town so you cant meet him or look at the merchandise. If you dont get him money quick he will have to sell the merchandise to someone else and u will lose out on the deal.His phone number is not from Saint Paul or Duluth. Its from Arizona!!! His profile pic covers only half his head, he’s wearing rose tinted sunglasses and has a cheesy smile. And a nose ring.
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@Gabezzlebub you say cheesy smile and a nose what if you sneeze you would get a cheesy ring. I wouldn’t play with that cheese head. Cheesy smile that’s something I’m going to have to look up
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