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Someone bought an item from me with a counterfeit $20 what do I do
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Hello - the first thing you will want to do is report this user to our Customer Care team. To report a user, simply navigate to their messages or profile and select ‘Report’ at the top of the screen. They will give you further assistance and let you know any further steps. 


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I’ve received fake money a couple times. File a police report, you can then turn it in to the bank and they’ll ask you for the police report info. Or don’t and just consider it a lesson learned and to check the bills before hand.
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I have been on here for a half an hour now trying to figure out how to contact somebody from OfferUp over my listing being removed Louis Vuitton duffle bag instantly remove saying it's counterfeit I would like to know on what terms and what proof and facts you have to base this decision on?
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@Virus_2350 Hey there, you can always contact our team here. Is there anything I can help with in the meantime?

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Mine too sure my purse doesnt have handles i cant help that some jerk off ripped them off ehile trying to mug me
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Welcome to the Community Forums @snaranjo. Did you click on the link from @Elin to contact the team? I'm sure you'll get the help you need there.


Once your resolved your issue, come back to the Forums, take some time to look around, join some of the conversations and share your ideas and experiences with us. 

Hope you didn't get injured or too shaken by that terrible encounter.

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No kidding, I have no clue as how to contact anyone on the “Offer up” team