Danger of violating policies

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Got the error danger of violating our policies after i messaged multiple people saying I pay $700 for 64gb X and $800 for 256gb X.


Why would I get this message?


It says please review the community guidelines before continuing.


This is terrible, happened on my other acc too and I made this one.


Error Code R37KPRMM


I've searched online, seems many people have this issue since last year. OfferUp has done nothing to fix it. Shows you their level of service.


Accepted Solutions
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Are you given a specific error code?
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I've replied to your other post.

Admins should comment when they get the chance.
Community Manager

Hi there @Grafton - we send this message to users that may be spamming several community members with the same message. This is not an error message if it is letting you know that you are in danger of violating the community guidelines, as it is just a heads-up of the violations. 


Try changing up the messages you are sending to people and this should help. 

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Nope. I even say anything else it will not let me send anything.

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Still not working, made a new acc, sent messages all differently.

Still not working, got same error.

Listen im not sending messages over and over that are the same or anything like that so i really would like to kmow what to do cause any and all messages i try to send wont send
Community Manager

Welcome, @Mariomelendez24. Are you sending personal information, like an email address or a phone number? This notice typically only appears if a community member is sending personal information. 

I am not i literally was trying to say hey can i pick up on thursday afternoon
Community Manager

Our Care team took a look, and your account should be in good standing, @Mariomelendez24. If you recently sent your phone number or email, this message may appear, but it should go away. Try logging out and back into your account and see if that helps. If you're still having these troubles after a reboot, you'll want to reach out to our Care team directly. 

I just started getting the same message this morning on every message I tried to send. Doesn’t matter the content, it is the same error message that I am in danger of violating policy. I call BS and want it fix immediately or I will cancel my OfferUp account and use other services where I am not treated like I am in communist China!