Danger of violating policies

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@Drtravishedrick wrote:
I just started getting the same message this morning on every message I tried to send. Doesn’t matter the content, it is the same error message that I am in danger of violating policy. I call BS and want it fix immediately or I will cancel my OfferUp account and use other services where I am not treated like I am in communist China!


OfferUp is a privtely owned company. You agreed to to the TOS by installing it onto your device. It's their preogative on the set of rules/TOS/guidelines that are implemented.


You can make contact with customer care here

I am also having this problem. Can you please help me cause i have done nothing wrong

Lapua...No one asked for your geo-political views which have nothing to do with this tread or discussion.


If you have nothing better to do than throw out random, non-helpful garbage, please do it somewhere else where someone might care.  Here, we are actually looking for REAL solutions to REAL problems related to OfferUp and their services... like the one I posted below as an actual solution to the problem!


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Hmm, your account appears to be in good standing, @Drtravishedrick! Go ahead and fully log out and log back in.

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To be fair, you did bring up "communist China" as if that was needed to make your point.

You also threatened to close out your account which seems a bit melodramatic.

Have a beer you two 🍺 🍺

To the question itself.

It is rarely the case that you are violating guidelines

This specific error code seems to appear when servers are at high capacity in a given area or similar.

More of an incorrect error code, than a bug I suppose.

It eventually hits everyone ←

If your account is in good standing, don't worry, it will start working after a couple hours, no more than a day.

If you were in the middle of a transaction, that is frustrating.

I would link the user here as proof, so he's aware of this as well.

If it so happens that it takes more time, reach out to support and they can end all sessions.

Clear your cache and data and try logging back in after they do that.


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Did you mention China in your initial post in regards to "warnings"?


Did I not also provide the link for customer service?

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@Huntersmommy91 let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Huntersmommy91 @Drtravishedrick @Cory1
@Jhemmert @Estrellamadybel
I totally understand your frustration, when you see the Error message saying your about to Violate OfferUp guidelines,

Usually mean you are doing something against OfferUp guidelines, which is fixable! Just make sure you aren't sending out personal information or sending people the same exact message as it may be flagged as spam. This should help you moving forward.
If your still having issues, I would recommend contacting,

You should be able to message after 24/48 hours, if not again contact OfferUp customer care.

OfferUp Customer care

You can also contact OfferUp customer care through Facebook or Twitter if this option is available to you.

Also if you want someone to respond to you put this @ in front of their usernames like I did to your username above. Hope to see you around the forum. 😎🇬🇧🔚
Mine is the same i dont know what to do
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Yes I'm getting it now on different ads
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I need help I am having the same issue I haven't sent out any personal information at all all I did was send a bunch of people offers on TVs and no I'm getting the error message and can't even reply to anyone that accepted my offer!