Different Versions of OfferUp...?

So the short of it is that there seems to be some variations on the app for Android depending on your device...which has led to some problems to say the least.

My girlfriend and I both have the app installed, her on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge and myself on a LG V30 which are both currently running the same version of Android, but the app looks, responds, and functions very different. For example my version clearly has a "VIEW HIDDEN MESSAGES" link at the bottom of my message list and hers has no such thing, also getting to her archived sales/purchases is more of a chore in that most areas of my app there is a link that says "VIEW ARCHIVE" wherein hers seems to only show an archive folder on very specific/select areas.

To go beyond this we are now having a pretty severe issue in this regard because she is not showing all of her archived sales/messages and I feel that it is directly tied to the version differences.

We recently separated, we are back together again now(not putting any of that out into OfferUp), and she made some not so amazing decisions to post some of my things from our home up on OfferUp (because why not)...but obviously now with hindsight being 20/20 realizes that was a bit more than uncalled for and not her decision to make in any way.

However since the app will not give us the same details of past message history/archives she is left feeling terrible and any chance of contacting a specific buyer to say "hey I screwed up, could I possibly reverse the sale of that $1,000 item I sold you for $60 out of pettiness please?" seems hopeless.

In closing I'm left with a very confused situation where I am not understanding why her version and mine differ so much and also with what seems to be no real possibility of reaching out to her buyers to explain that stupid mistakes happen and trying to resolve it.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Non-negative, constructive assistance? lol

(yes we have uninstalled/reinstalled plenty, no I'm not angry or trying to get back at her, yes I would rather not be out severely sentimental and important things if it can be remedied, and no I am not getting into life specifics as this is purely about OfferUp and trying to have more information on why these variations are there and getting information on how to better manage them in case someone else finds themselves in need of such answers)
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Welcome to the forums @DarkElfLusipher


Cut your losses and move on is my strong recommendation.


Contact the Customer Care Team here.

They will be able to answer questions about the app 

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Nowhere you your post did you include IF you both had the exact same updates of the app. You indicated that you both uninstalled/installed the app, but that is the extent of it.


FYI, app developers have different versions floating around to test user behavior as their objectve is to keep you focused on the app as long as possible, so that they can sell more ads. The difference might be a single icon's location, an added feature/tab, a missing feature/tab,etc. Majority of the differences are subtle, but learning how these changes reflect user behavior allows the app to be able to MANIPULATE the end user subliminally.

Definitely the same versions. Play Store downloaded, checked the version info as well, and verified updated. It just behaves very differently on her device than on mine, which seems odd to me. I'm still looking into what differences there are between us but striking out on a valid reason...because it can't be things like TrueYou verification and Facebook linking.

I have been more accepting over it being a not so important thing anymore but she has been trying to figure it out because she does feel bad about it and now sees it as an impossible thing to retrieve messages/sales. There have to be others out there in the community that have experienced this issue and without bringing it into the open it will never get resolved.

The ability to verify messages/sales is crucial in my opinion because it allows for the recovery of items that have been improperly sold and allows for verification of violations of OfferUp terms. There truly are very few places where we are given security as both sellers and buyers and we should take those securities offered extremely seriously and hold to maintain their aspects for the overall betterment.
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HI @DarkElfLusipher ..welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,Im pretty sure her messages are still in her app ,,,,,,,,,,,Ive also noticed a difference in some of my friends apps,,,,,,,,click on that little file folder you spoke of,,,,,arkive,,,,,,click on the picture of the sold item  ,then chose restore,,,,,once you have restored the item , the messages for that item will be available to you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,But let me tell you,,,,there is just no way i would sell something back to you . unless,,,, 1. i was gonna  get the rice i would sell it for,its mine , ive invested my time and money,,,,,,,,,,or 2. criminal charges  are filed against the "thief" that sold it  to me and even then that would have to  wait till after the court prosecuted her  and then i would seek restitution for my time and money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when someone sales something,,,,,,,,its a done deal dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my advice is to move on  and dont harrass buyers about such things,,,,,,,,,,,,,,If it makes you feel any better,,,,,,,,,you are not alone,,,,,,,im pretty sure this happens to a lot of people,,,,I know a lot of guys that have lost stuff when breaking up with girl friends,,,,,,,,,,myself,,,,,,,i have been very fortunate and have not had it happen yet,,,,,,yet,,

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Excellent advice @0317

Restoring the sold item will have the buyer's contact info.


I would have come up with that idea next week. Smiley Happy


You and I are on the same page. You will only get your item back if the price is right!

No empathy from this kind lady in this situation.