Do you consider your self an offer up expert?

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I have sold various things on other apps. I could probably become a better salesman, maybe a better user of computer devices. But, I seriously doubt I'll ever be an OfferUp genius. Lol
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@Bobcat2 I don’t think you have to be computer savvy, as much as you need to have good intuition. Being better at using a computer won’t make people have better manners. Weed out the good people from the bad and you’ll be fine. Tell people you’ll try to hold things for them but if a better offer comes up first, you’ll have to accept it. Also, make sure to let them know that you’ll contact them one hour before meet up to make sure they are still going to show up. If I don’t get a responses within that hour, I don’t show up. Then I report them as a no show
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No, I do not consider myself an offer up expert. Now, my pictures will not post. Going through all 4 steps and the message I am getting is "you are having problems with your internet connection". On this same device, I am able to surf the web and pull up other offers from
offer-up but I am unable to post.
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By any chance does offer up have a live help page on Facebook or offer up where we ask question I'm not very good at selling on offer up I need help I got nice product but they just don't sell I need a different approach

I am far from it! I sell more on Ecommerce sites so they like a long description with suggestions. Seems that short and sweet works better on OfferUp. But I still like to throw in a bit of history or alternative use ideas in there! Good Pics are the first attention getter, I also find giving measurements and condition FIRST works too (since they rarely read beyond the first two lines) . I use OfferUp for local business to move furniture mostly. I have yet to ship anything. 

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Well I’ve sold hundreds of items and the cash well over 2k. Offerup is a great site and I’m glad they haven’t done the things letgo has done that ruins their site. Carry on offerup seller carry on !
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Research the items you sell to get an idea of its value then compare sales of it on other sites. If it hasn’t sold just stop thinking about it and next thing you know someone will be interested, rare cases a price can be too low.
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Try changing the category
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I like your style Smiley Happy Your attitude is superb. I agree with you 1000%.

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I consider myself to be a beginner. I've sold a few item and like you, I enjoy my 5 star status. I'm learning that reasonable pricing is everything. I just need to master the art of promoting my items a little better.