Do you consider your self an offer up expert?

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I've never had a sellee back out or failed to sell an item. I usually sell within 24hrs, usually same day. I'm very descript. I always confirm, re-confirm msg when Ieave, exit and arrive and only schedule and do safe meetups or half way meets and ALWAYS exchange a phone number (who cares I use a non traceable#) and let buyers/sellers know I am doing such because of the unreliable in app Messenger. I ALWAYS drop my initial sales price after they have peaked in views, research comparable prices on Ebay,Craigslist, Instagram auction pgs, LetGo, FB marketplace etc., tben offer a very competitive price. I will sometimes even msg from a burner page to see if the seller is authentic because I get killer deals sometimes too hard to believe. I have trades gameboys for guitars, guitars new in box, guitars and amplifiers for bikes, motorcycles and everything in between.
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I would consider myself an expert at offerup at this point. ive completed many sales and purchased items and traded with other people. i have a knack for talking to people just enough to be able to decide if they are a valid/ legit buyer ot if they are just leading me on and gonna make me waste gas and time to plan a meet. I had one buyer do that to me in the beginning... after that once, I learned my own personal technique to make sure the buyer is gonna be at the determined meet up location. I always make sure to call or text before I leave to make sure they have already left, i make the meet up location much closer to me-the seller than them-the buyer.. i'll estimate about how long it should take them to get there, then I will call them every couple minutes to inform them of my luxation staing that traffic was worse than expected or i had to stop and get gas and i'll be there in five minutes or less. at that point i know for sure that they are there waiting for me. it hasn't failed me since and obviously the items I have available are good quality as well cause I have not had anyone complain about anything ive sold! offerup has solely paid my rent and living expenses for the past four to five months. I must be doing something right!!
No definitely not. I've only been on here for 30 minutes
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I am far from being an expert but I encountered the same problem. When posting it helps to be in a strong wifi zone. Secondly, go into your phone setting, Look for an option labelled “cellular data”, make sure that option is turned on. Good luck
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Great advice! Research prices on other sites and offer up as well.
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I can't get the app to work where do I go next
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@D51 Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

D51 what kind of issues are you having?, are you getting any error messages? I’ll add the OfferUp customer care link below you can also contact OfferUp through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you. 😎🇬🇧🔚

OfferUp Customer care
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Totally love you!!! 😁😎😋🥰
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Hi Janice,
My name is Mary. I don’t know how to navigate this site and maybe you can help. I purchased a dehumidifier on Friday at 6:30 in the stop and shop parking lot on 1309 Corbin ave in new Britain from “Everything Must Go” person for $100.00. He was driving a tan Nisan. When I asked him for a phone number in case it didn’t work I fell for the oldest line in the book “trust me” “I do this for a living” “I would never sell anything that would hurt my reputation”
Well it doesn’t even turn on. I texted him to tell he he needs to refund my money (nicely) no response. I contacted OfferUp they sent an auto response saying to get back to them wit the police report. What report they know his name, phone #, email. He further covered his tracks by saying it was sold to someone else so I was unable to give feedback and blocked me so I am unable to see his site or contact him. I have been a member for 2 years and have only had very positive experiences but $100 is a lot of money to me. Hate to see this happen to anyone else because I couldn’t stop him.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.